OM Launch!

from Osborn Maledon

The legal services needed to successfully launch and grow a new enterprise in a flat-rate, package deal.


For over 20 years, Osborn Maledon has delivered everything start-up founders need to successfully launch and grow a new enterprise. See our client successes here.


OM Launch! provides all of the following benefits to founders of selected qualified startups for a single, flat program fee:

Menu of Custom Services

One-year program fee covers up to 10 additional hours of any other legal service(s) the client requests, such as:

  • Non-disclosure and proprietary rights agreements to protect intellectual property, tailored to company circumstances and industry.
  • Advice and strategy for business model implementation with vendors, customers, channels.
  • Website terms and conditions and privacy advice.
  • Human resources documentation and counseling.
  • A high-level legal "audit".
  • Experienced partner participation in up to four scheduled meetings of founders or Board of Directors.


Flat Program Fee

$5,000, payable in advance. Client pays out-of-pocket costs, as incurred. Our experience is that the flat program fee covers all services likely to be needed during the first year absent the occurrence of a "good news event" such as an angel financing or early exit. Fees incurred in excess of the program services will be charged at 90% of regular OM rates during the 1-year program.

Contingent Warrant

At formation, the Company will issue to Osborn Maledon an unvested 10-year warrant to purchase 1% of common equity. Customary terms; exercise price equal to valuation at date of grant. The warrant vests 30 days following the end of the 1-year program, only if the Company elects to continue OM engagement as counsel after the 1-year program year.

No Penalties

Client may terminate OM’s engagement at any time, without any requirement to “make up” discounted fees, and may cancel the warrant during or within 30 days after the 1-year program ends. OM continues as counsel, and retains the warrant, only if the Client is satisfied with the value we add.

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